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Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance is often overlooked by business owners, though it is the most critical component of your website. Ongoing maintenance involves keeping your website core files, database, and WordPress up to date.

What is Web Maintenance?

Website maintenance provides the security to stop your site from being vulnerable to hackers or bots and keeps your information private. Often business owners are too busy to find the time to update their website software, or have the know ‘how’. Keeping your website functioning and up-to-date on every level is crucial to stop malicious attacks. All websites are backed up regularly to save your content if you are subject to any attacks.

Restoring your website can cost you thousand and there is the potential of having to start from scratch if you do not choose to have ongoing web maintenance. Major search engines across the internet prefer updated websites to gain a strong online presence and a higher ranking score,  which gives you better chance of being notice on the web.



View frequently asked questions about my Web Maintenance Service. If you don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for, send me an email or give me a call.

Why it is important to have Website Maintenance?
Keeping your website core files, themes and plugins updated, blocks malicious attacks and stops your site being vulnerable to any unwanted bots or hackers trying to crash your site and steal personal details.
What are the benefits of Web Maintenance for my website and business
Regular maintenance of website makes Google happy which improves your overall ranking. Drives repeated visitors to your site, leading to higher sales and conversion rates.
Is there anything I need to do as the customer to my website for Web Mainenance?

No, I look after all your backups, updates, security threats, uptime monitoring, malicious attacks to prevent your website crashing or being hacked. All this is included in your monthly web maintenance price

Can I maintain my website myself?

It all depends on the website you have. If you have the technological skills to do so for your website then we can discuss how you can go about it yourself. Keep in mind you take full responsibility to keep your website updated and secure to stop hacks and other malicious attacks.

How long does it take to do Maintenance on a website?



It all depends on the required updates and the size of your site. You never know when a update is coming they are release periodically, you can have one everyday for a week at a time. Its always important to jump straight in and make the update and not wait for the next one to come days later, to avoid having to login in each update release. You are leaving your website backdoor open to malicious threats and attacks.

What additional features does Web Maintenance packages offer?

Not only does it cover security and updates, my packages include yearly DIVI builder subscription, as well as content changes, editing or adding new content, uploading images or new products to your Ecommerce store. The number of changes allowed per year depends on the maintenance package you take on.


Website Maintenance Packages

All websites need upkeep, that’s why I offer my customers the basic maintenance packages to keep your website functional for your site visitors. All our website maintenance packages offer simple website updates throughout the year such as editing or adding new text, upload of images to a web page or blog post. I also offers other web services for more comprehensive website changes such as new pages or new functionality and web features for your website.



Suitable for One-Page Websites,
Personal Portfolios & Blogs

Weekly Backups
Security Updates & Protection
Monthly WordPress Core Updates
Monthly Theme/Plugin Updates
DIVI Builder Yearly Subscription



Suitable for 4-6 Page Website Package

Weekly Backups
Security Updates & Protection
Monthly WordPress Core Updates
Monthly Theme/Plugin Updates
DIVI Builder Yearly Subscription
Uptime Monitoring inc Downtime Notifications



Suitable for Ecommerce Websites 

Weekly Backups
Prioritised Security Updates
Weekly Security & Malware Checks
Regular WordPress Core Updates
Weekly Theme/Plugin Updates
DIVI Builder Yearly Subscription
Uptime Monitoring inc Downtime Notifications


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